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Cost Containment Questions and Answers

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A..Be cautious of the Consultants background. Many people often do so via LinkedIn profile, resume and or references. There are consultants that lack background in the industry. It's not wise to trust these line items to someone who has a background in Real Estate or marketing.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A.The industry is so complex and ever changing that experts struggle to stay current. Total Telecom holds knowledge in voice services, data services, the carriers associated with optimal services (for varied reasons), and wireless services. We have experienced the Industry from a Direct and Indirect Perspective. This helps our clients gain the best services to advance their business based upon their needs. Needs vary, some what to deal with fiscally responsible organizations that are a worthy investment to their business, some want rock bottom best case scenario with a limited budget. Many CFO's use our service because they have no intimate knowledge of telecom or technology and often continue to grandfather older working services due to the discomfort of dealing with sales reps and complex contract language. But reach a point where P&L becomes a concern (perhaps during a valuation or audit) or the CFO may want deeper knowledge into what providers are "Bullish" from both a quality and or financial perspective. While some are aware that they could benefit from class leading services and budget, but need that Expertise, there are many complexities (that often go overlooked) that are not noticed until services are installed. Then a problem arises, the carrier made the obligation to deliver the services you ordered, you have agreed to purchase (Contract) those services over a contracted period of time. Contract early termination fees can be as high as 60xMonthly recurring charges quoted. Example Metro Ethernet loop at $1400 a month x 60 months = $84,000.00 total early termination fee. We believe in doing it right from start to finish and have the expertise to deliver. Mitigate these risks, take the stack of offerings / quotes off of your desk, trust in a professional.

Q. What questions should a business ask to hire the right service professional?

A. 1. Does your firm have any carrier sales agreements directly or indirectly? (Many Consultants in this space are simply carrier sales organizations who are recommending services that they must meet quotas to maintain residual commissions. Is this scenario in the clients best interest? An Agents advise may influenced by revenue commitments with various Telecom Carriers. Telecom sales is purely revue driven, as you sell more they expect more. Management holds a "WHAT DID YOU SELL TODAY?" mentality. This can make sales reps very desperate. They must sell what is going to save their job or monthly commissions regardless of your long term needs. 

2. Will the firm outsource any of our accounts? Some consultants are match-makers and not pure experts or consultants. These scenarios typically compound the expenses of doing business and therefore increases the clients final expenses. This is not always a bad thing but should be uncovered prior to the endorsement of any consulting agreements.

Q. What important information should businesses have thought through before seeking you out?

A.The client needs to determine if they want to source their need or if they are just shopping. If a prospect is just shopping or fishing for free consulting then they may not qualify for our services.

An Ideal client knows there is gross industry profit in their invoices and wants to bring these expenses to a more reasonable level without sacrificing quality. Businesses desire an affordable expert to handle these processes. Collecting refunds, managing technical issues, moves adds, changes, design, vendor selection, vendor negotiation, multi vendor co-ordination, monitor accounts, and make strong technology recommendations to help them grow their business and drive ROI in a cost effective manner. 

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Setting the expectation.

1. Prior to contacting us the client should have all of their land-line, wireless, cellular, long distance, internet, maintenance agreements etc. invoices in paper, PDF format or Online access. Contract copies / maintenance agreements for their the above mentioned are helpful. If the business is relocating or maintains several locations we will have to gather more specific individual site information. Total Telecom Consulting can obtain most of this information with minimal client engagement.

2. The Client will learn that our model was designed to help grow their business by improving P&L performance while advancing technology reliability and performance.

3. Both parties should be prepared to endorse letters of agency and consulting agreement to complete the tasks and reach a timely goal. There will be future documents that the client will endorse to satisfy vendor requests and any orders.

Please don't wait till the last minute to engage us. The more prepared you are the more we are able to meet your organizations needs and often unrealized goals and benefits.