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Source the best telecom deal fast and save.

Achieve the Best Telecom Contracts and Save Money with Minimal Effort

Sourcing the right telecom contracts for the right price and most favorable terms and conditions requires a deep knowledge of wireless and wireline telecom. Total Telecom Consulting negotiates nothing but telecom contracts, so we have the experience and latest market knowledge to get you the best possible deal.

The sooner you negotiate the right deal, the sooner you’ll speed to savings. Total Telecom Consulting can help you do just that.

Secure the Best Deal for the Best Price

Total Telecom Consulting typically completes sourcing engagements in one third to one half the time it takes most companies to do their own deal. In partnership with you, we handle all the preparation, negotiation, and contract administration while giving you complete visibility to the telecom sourcing deal strategy and status.

Unparalleled Mix of People, Process, Technology, and Telecom Expertise Drives Results

Here’s how we’ll secure the deal for your organization:

  1. First, we establish a foundation for success by building an inventory and completing an in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis to formulate a winning telecom contract negotiation strategy.
  2. Total Telecom Consultings tools help us complete sourcing engagements fast. Speedy negotiations mean you start seeing savings months sooner.
  3. Total Telecom Consulting has built senior-level, long-term relationships with carriers, so not only do we know who to contact, we know how they negotiate. Because we're focused on the telecom industry and working deals every day, we're sensitive to even the smallest industry developments that may offer leverage to a negotiation.

Prefer to negotiate internally? Total Telecom Consulting can play a supporting role in your telecom contract management and wireless contract negotiations. Ask us how.

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