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The Total Telecom Consulting Cost Containment and Auditing Model partners with companies that desire to reduce their operating expenses or shift ledger expenses to or from Op-Ex To Cap-Ex. The teams Expert knowledge has grown into a Client Centered Business Solutions Organization that is Consistently Increasing Clients Cash Flow Through Innovative Expense Reduction Plans and financial /accounting guidance. We are not a transactional sales organization but a Trusted Advisor and can be engaged through every process! 

Since 2005 Total Telecom Consulting has helped over 300 businesses and organizations significantly improve P&L performance. Our expense management experts use a proven methodology to achieve meaningful cost reduction across a wide range of indirect expenses. Our advice is tailored to the Clients Accounting, Telecom and IT needs. 

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It is as Easy as 1-2-3!!!! 

Step 1: Data Gathering and Expense History Review

A Letter of engagement is signed then TTC conducts a no-cost, confidential review of your annual expenses. 

We collect and analyze detailed historical expense data from each of the suppliers in the scope. This includes a line item analysis and often requires us to conduct a manual review of past invoices. We also identify your supplier service requirements and unique specifications.

Step 2: Supplier Negotiations

We enlist our team of subject matter experts (SME’s) and Cost Containment Professionals to lead a thorough vendor negotiation process on your behalf. Total Telecom Consulting is uniquely qualified to leverage our considerable purchasing power and expense category expertise to maximize your savings in each of the expense categories in scope.


Step 3: Implementation

Once the negotiations are complete, we present a set of detailed cost management recommendations, along with the actual annual savings, for your review. We only implement the recommendations that are approved by you. In the expense categories where new suppliers are selected, we help facilitate a smooth and orderly transition to make sure you start realizing the savings as quickly as possible! 


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